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10 Most Common Myths about Cold Pressed Oils (BUSTED)

Average households in India carry numerous myths about cold-pressed oils right from it being costly oil to being harmful for consumption.

But we can’t completely blame them. We need to be more vocal about the benefits of cold-pressed oil and explain how healthy it is for us. One way of doing it is bursting the MYTHS about Cold Pressed Oils.

Following are the 10 popular myths (Busted) people have about cold-pressed oils:

Myth #1 It is expensive against refined oil

As standard cold-pressed oils are costly compared to refined oils they are not at all pocket-friendly. 

For instance, 1 litre refined sunflower oil costs far less compared to 1 litre of cold-pressed sunflower oil Hence, it increases our kitchen budget!!!

Fact: If you think cold-pressed oil is expensive as compared to refined oil, then it’s time to rethink. It may seem expensive but health-wise it is one of the best oils for our heart’s longevity. Whereas, refined oils cost you your health. They are nothing but a harmful mix of chemicals & preservatives with petroleum products added to increase their shelf life.

Hence, regular use of refined oil is fatal for us.

Myth #2: It is unhygienic

Cold pressed oils are unhygienic because the oil is extracted by crushing the seeds mechanically by using “ghani” which is driven by a single wooden churner. That’s why it is called “Kacchi Ghani oil”  Hence, hygiene gets severely compromised.

Fact: Cold pressed oils are as pure as the seeds. In old days, animals were used to grind oilseeds to make oil. In modern days a mechanical oil pressing machine is used to extract oil considering all the hygiene parameters. The bottles of cold pressed oils available in the supermarkets are completely hygienic and safe to consume.

Myth #3: Can’t be used for regular cooking purposes

Cold pressed oils can’t be used for regular cooking; it is just used to drizzle over salads or for body massage.

Fact: Cold pressed oils are the BEST for cooking. They retain all their natural flavour, aroma, and nutritional value, making it a healthier option for cooking oil. They contain zero grams of trans fatty acids and are naturally cholesterol-free.

Keeping yourself away from nutritious benefits of cold pressed oils is not advisable. 

Myth #4: Has a strong flavour 

Cold pressed oils have strong aroma which overpowers the natural taste of the dish. Hence, food can’t be enjoyed.

Fact: Not true at all! Cold pressed oil does have a strong fragrance which indicates it being of premium quality. Its aroma NEVER overpowers the food’s natural taste. It enhances it!! Because these oils are rich in nutrients they have their own flavour that’s what makes it unique from refined oils.

You will never find such strong flavour in refined oils because it goes through several extraction processes losing out its nutritional value, aroma & flavours along the way!

Myth #5: If it’s not refined, it’s not pure or  fit for cooking

Cold pressed oils are not pure as refined oils so can’t be used for cooking. If used, we might have health problems.

Fact: No, in fact, it is the most PURE and HEALTHY cooking oil.

Cold pressed oil is a traditional way of extracting oil. In this process, the seeds and nuts are crushed at room temperature (>40 degree centigrade) by using a wooden pestle and mortar making it retains its all essential vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, omega-3, and omega-6 nutrients.

You will never find chemicals, preservatives, additives, synthetic vitamins, synthetic antioxidants in cold pressed oil.

Being a modern way of extracting oil Refined oil is extracted at high temperature (230-degree centigrade) in presence of solvents like hexane along with some dangerous chemicals.

As seeds and nuts are exposed to high heat they lose their nutrition value, aroma and flavours making the oil unhealthy for consumption.

Myth #6: Undesired froth appears on heating

When cold pressed oil is heated undesired forth appears making us question the quality of the oil.

Fact: As it is free from anti-foaming agents the foam in the oil appears when oil is heated assuring its purity whereas refined oils are filled with dangerous chemicals, degumming agents, caustic soda, acids etc which indicates that oil is chemically processed.

Myth #7: Raise cholesterol levels

Regular use of cold pressed oil, especially cold pressed coconut oil raises cholesterol levels which can be dangerous for our heart. Making it unhealthy cooking oil.

Fact: Yes, cold pressed coconut oil does raise cholesterol levels but the GOOD one! It contains natural saturated fats that increase HDL (good) cholesterol levels in your body.

Cold pressed oils are rich in monounsaturated (MUFA) and polyunsaturated (PUFA) fats which are very essential for our body’s optimal growth and development. 

Myth #8:  It appears impure 

Compared to cold pressed oil refined oil appears appealing due to its crystal clear appearance. They have attractive light colour which assures their purity.

Fact: Remember, Appearance can be deceptive. 

In the presence of high temperature and chemicals, the refined oil is bleached to give it an attractive light color.

As cold pressed oils are high in nutritional value, natural aroma and flavour, it is dense and dark in color.

Myth #9: Not suitable for Indian Cooking

Oil cannot be used for tempering purposes, also food cooked in it doesn’t taste good, hence cold pressed oil is not suitable for Indian cooking. 

Fact: Cold pressed oil has been used since ancient times in Indian cooking. In fact due to Industrialization, refined oils entered our households and so did the chronic diseases in our life.

Being nutritious cold pressed oil has its strong flavour which only adds taste to our cooking and not the other way around.

Myth #10: Not ideal for deep frying

Cold pressed oils are not suitable for deep frying as they absorb more oil which is unhealthy for our heart. 

Fact: Cold pressed oils can be used for deep frying especially groundnut oil, coconut oil, sunflower oil because of their high smoke point and fatty acid profile.

Cold pressed oils are best for a healthier you. And so are Healthy roots cold pressed oils which are original, 100% pure, and natural without any additive substance in them. They offer LIVE EXTRACTION of these cold pressed oils in their stores.

I hope this article busted the myths floating around in your mind about cold pressed oils.

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