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15 Reasons Why Green Leafy Vegetables is a Must in Your Diet

15 Reasons Why Green Leafy Vegetables is a Must in Your Diet

Green leafy vegetables are undeniable superstars of the green world. Low in calories, yet high in fiber, vitamins, and phytonutrients, leafy vegetables are incredible for your health in ways you can’t imagine.  

Whether it is fresh green salad drizzled with cold-pressed oil or delicious green smoothie they have the power to make you look and feel younger and support healthy ageing.

Following are the 15 amazing health benefits of including green leafy vegetables in your diet.

1)  High in Antioxidants:

Leafy vegetables are fully packed with antioxidants. They are rich in vitamin A which is the body’s natural defence builder, Vitamin C which promotes healthy skin and Vitamin K which helps the body to heal itself quickly.

2)  Rich in Minerals:

Leafy vegetables like spinach are high in magnesium. It is a mineral necessary for maintaining muscle health and bone formation which helps the absorption of calcium. It is an equally good source of iron and magnesium.

3)  Good Source of Fiber:

Green leafy vegetables are a brilliant source of natural fiber. Fiber aids digestion and also slows down the rate at which your body absorbs sugar which prevents a sharp rise in blood glucose levels. It is also a perfect solution for a rumbling stomach. The more you eat green veggies the less likely you are to eat junk food. 

4)  Improves Metabolism:

As fresh leafy vegetables are high in iron and fiber, they naturally improve your metabolism and keep the production of your red blood cells at a healthy rate. So, start moving your diet plan around leafy veggies now!

5) Protects Eyes:

Many of the antioxidants typically found in leafy vegetables like vitamins C & E, beta-carotene, lutein and zeaxanthin are said to be good for our eyes. That’s why it is said to eat more green leafy vegetables for better eyesight.

6) Sun Protection:

It is not a substitute for sunscreen. But leafy vegetables’ folic acid and beta-carotene increase our body’s natural defense against sun damage. It also gives you healthy glowing skin!!

7) Mood Lifter:

Leafy vegetables are a great source of folate which contributes to serotonin production which lifts your mood. Start eating green leafy veggies for an evergreen mood!!

8) An Excellent Source of  Hydration:

These vegetables contain a lot of water, adding them to your plate keep you hydrated. Proper hydration is a must in maintaining healthy skin and lustrous hair.

9) Boosts Memory:

A good source of folate, beta-carotene, and vitamin K green leafy vegetables improves cognitive functions immensely. It is said that the green veggie eaters have the memory equivalent of someone 11 years younger!

10) Protect Heart:

Regular intake of these veggies helps to protect the heart and makes it strong in various ways. Potassium in it lowers high blood pressure, fibre keeps cholesterol in check; and folate protects from the occurrence of heart stroke.

11) Cancer Protector:

As per a study, a higher intake of cruciferous vegetables slows down the risk of getting cancer. As leafy vegetables are rich in unique compounds called glucosinolates, which break down to form cancer busting compounds and are packed with cancer-fighting flavonoids and carotenoids.

12) Fights Bloating:

If anyone struggles with bloating, leafy vegetables are a saviour for them. Green leafy vegetables have a secret ingredient i.e. potassium, a mineral & electrolyte essential to keep an optimal fluid balance in your body.

13) Strengthens the Bone:

Milk is not the only good source of calcium for having strong bones. Green leafy vegetables also follow the suit. They are too rich in calcium for supporting optimal bone health.

14) Digestive Enzymes:

Digestive enzymes are critical for breaking down and absorbing the nutrients for our body, hence we shouldn’t be deficient in them. Green leafy vegetables are the best food that supports our body’s natural ability to produce digestive enzymes keeping at par issues like bloating, constipation and reflux.

15) Helps Balance Sugar Levels:

Regular intake of vegetables supports appropriate blood glucose levels. It is good for those people who are suffering from diabetes and thyroid problems.

As consuming green leafy vegetables is a must for our health and vitality, similar is the consumption of traditionally extracted food products which are 100% PURE and free from chemicals and preservatives.

Healthy roots is one such initiative where you get traditionally extracted natural food products LIVE in front of you ruling out any chances of adulteration. It is the best place to buy groceries online where you can taste pure, natural and authentic food products in today’s harmful industrial processed food world.

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