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Being the most commonly used Indian spice, Red Chilly Powder adds the authenticness of red colour and chilliness in your food. Healthy roots Red Chilly Powder is pure and unadulterated, traditionally processed from red chilli whole. Exclusively meant to deliver the right amount of spiciness to your curries, sauces, pickles, chutneys, and fine pastes.




Christopher Columbus was the 1st European to come in contact with this spice and named it as “pepper” because if it’s spicy and hot taste.

Pepper is also used for medicinal effects and cures various conditions that were documented firstly in 1494.

Firstly chili was used in South and Latin American countries and got quickly spread due to trade and made its way in Indonesian, Chinese, Asian and Korean cultures. The intensity of these peppers varies that depends on where the chili is cultivated. When the chilies are made in the powder form, it becomes even stronger and hotter in intensity due to the fact that seeds are used as the hottest part of pepper, it is used to make powders in different cuisines.

Chili Powder (Lal Mirch Power) is the dried, pulverized fruit of one or more varieties of chili pepper, sometimes with the addition of other spices. Chili Powder is sometimes known by the chili pepper used (such as cayenne pepper) and is incorporated in many different cuisines. This spice is used to add pungency and flavor to the dishes.

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Organic Red Chilli Powder is a major food ingredient in cuisines across the world. It gives bright red color and pungency to any preparation it is used in. This kind of Chilli Powder is a unique blend of two types of Chillies Reshampatti and Kashmiri. Both are known for their unique taste and flavor. For foodies who love food with prominent red color and medium hot in taste, this one is the perfect match.

Red Chilli Powder is also known as Lal Mirch Powder. This is one of the most powerful hot spices which can easily affect the ears, tongue and stomach.

It is recommended to have a proper mix of green chillies in it.


Spicy foods may keep your heart healthy. People who eat red chili peppers have been shown to have lower levels of LDL (low-density lipoprotein), which is sometimes called “bad” cholesterol because it increases the risk of heart disease. Heart disease can also be caused by obesity which capsaicin may help combat.

1. Keep Your Eyes Healthy

Chili Powder can help keep your eyes healthy. Vitamin A is known for improving your eyesight and preventing night blindness and macular degeneration from developing as we age.

2. Red Blood Formation

Chili Powder can assist in red blood cell formation. Copper and iron are essential for the new blood cell formation. A deficiency in iron can lead to anemia, fatigue, and muscular weakness.

3. Help Improve Cognitive Functioning

The amount of iron in Chili Powder leads to increased hemoglobin production and increases blood flow. Proper amounts of oxygen and iron in the brain lead to improved cognitive performance and a decrease in cognitive disorders like Alzheimer’s disease and dem.

4. Helps to Maintains a Healthy Blood Pressure

Chili Powder has a great potassium to sodium ratio. They are well known because of its high potassium content. One tablespoon of Chili Powder contains 144 milligrams of potassium, compared to just 75.8 milligrams of sodium. This helps the blood vessels relax and maintains proper blood pressure.

5. Supports the Digestive System

Chili Powder possesses a considerable amount of fiber. Fiber stimulates peristaltic motion and increased secretion of gastric juices, which eases digestion and prevents conditions like constipation.

6. Help Individuals Fight Infections

Vitamin C is a potent natural water-soluble antioxidant that helps the body develop resistance against infectious agents and eliminates cancer-causing free radicals in the body.

7. Great For the Hair and Skin

Adequate Vitamin C intake does not only improve the immune system but can also create and maintain collagen, an important protein found in hair and skin.

Also, Chili Powder contains vitamin A to keep the hair moisturized through increased sebum production.

8. An Excellent Source of Vitamin E in skincare and hair care. Owing to its antioxidant properties, vitamin E promotes the circulation of blood to the scalp.

9. Helps to Burn Fat

Red Chilli Powder contains a compound called capsaicin that increases the body’s metabolism rate and burns fat. Eating chilli peppers can help dieters to lose weight by raising their metabolism and burning away fat, according to scientists. Researchers have found that the heat generated by peppers can actually increase your consumption of calories and “oxidise” layers of fat.

10. Improves Liver Health

As per a research the daily consumption of capsaicin, the active compound of chilli peppers, was found to have beneficial effects on liver damage. HSCs are the major cell type involved in liver fibrosis, which is the formation of scar tissue in response to liver damage.

11. A Natural Pain Relief

Topical capsaicin is used to alleviate pain caused by osteoarthritis and diabetic neuropathy. It works by desensitizing sensory receptors, and also possesses anti-inflammatory effects. Spicing up your meals with hot peppers is an excellent first step in preventing atherosclerosis.

12. Clears Nasal Congestion

Capsaicin not only alleviates pain but also relieves congestion. Its fiery heat stimulates secretions that aid in clearing mucus from stuffy noses. Capsaicin has antibacterial properties that combat against chronic sinus infections, thanks to its ability to induce vasoconstriction in the blood vessels of the nasal cavity.

13. Inhibits Cancer

As per research Red Chilli has capsaicin that has the power to kill leukemia and cancer cells. Just like turmeric, a spice used in making curry, chilies can inhibit tumor growth and cancer. Medical News Today has cited that Capsaicin might actually have the ability to stop breast cancer.

14. Improve Longevity

As per research adding chilli increase your life span at least for seven years. Those who include chili peppers in their diet six or seven times a week had a lower risk of mortality than those who do not consume these peppers on a regular basis. This could be due to the little known fact that chili peppers increase levels of IGF-1 in blood, an anti-aging hormone.


Eating over-spicy foods can aggravate ulcers in the sensitive mucosal lining or in the small intestine, called the duodenum, or sometimes even in the esophagus making it worse. These ulcers are excruciatingly painful, further causing stomach pain, nausea, vomiting and weight loss and intestinal distress and a burning sensation when ingested in some people.


When we think of Indian spices, the first thing that gets to our mind is ‘CHILLI’. The hot, the pungent and the red devil amongst the spices, the red mirch powder chilli is the crucial spice for Indian food where no dish is complete without a sprinkle of this exotic sizzling spice.

India stands top on the list of the prime red chilli exporters in the world. Chilli export from India accounts to meet nearly 50% of the demand of this wonder spice across the world.

There are several varieties of Indian chillies, while some are very hot and few are less pungent and just known for their taste and color instilling properties. So, let’s now check out the most popular of the red chillies found and produced in India. 

1. Sannam Chilli: This is the king of the red chilli variants found in India and is mainly produced in the regions of Andhra Pradesh and Madhya Pradesh. However, the best of Sannam chilli is produced in Guntur region of Andhra Pradesh. 

Popularly called as Sannam S4 or 334, this is hot, medium sized and bright red colored chilli highly in demand because of its aroma, flavor and medium pungency. This chilli is widely used in Indian, Chinese, European, Mexican and Japanese cuisines. It’s not only about the taste, but this spice also adds up to your health by stimulating your appetite, digestive system and blood circulation.

2. Byadgi

Byadgi or 668 byadagi is one of the most demanding red chillies in both the Indian and international markets. As the name suggests, this chilli is produced in byadagi region of Haveri district of Karnataka. 

These are wrinkled, long and dark red colored chillies widely acclaimed for their ability to retain their nutritional values for a longer period of time. Not only does it enhance the flavor of your food, but also instills health enriching vitamins and minerals like manganese, foliate, potassium, thiamin, vitamins A, B, C and E in it.

3. Teja S17

Produced in the fertile soils of southern India, Teja or S-17 is the hottest and widely demanded chilli in the global market. It is known for its fiery hot peppery flavor and rich aroma and used in preparation of Red Chilli Powder, stir-fry, soups, stews and a variety of cuisines. 

4. Wrinkle 273

Another variant of red chillies produced in Guntur region of Andhra Pradesh is 273 Wrinkle chilli which is renowned globally and exported to countries like Asia, Canada, and Europe. This bright red colored chilli contains lesser seeds and is known for its pungency, high color & Mouth Watering aroma. 

5. Indo 5 Chilli

Popularly known as Indem- 5, US- 5 and Endo 5 Chilli, this is one of the most famous red chillies in India that gets exported in large quantities across the globe. Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka and Maharashtra are the major producers of Indo 5 red chilli in India. This is longer in size, has a thicker skin and a comparatively low heat value.

6. Kashmir Chilli

Kashmiri chilli  is produced in colder regions of Kashmir and is the most sought after red chillies in India for its color. Popularly called the Kashmiri mirch, this chilly is used in powder form in Indian kitchens to instill dark red color and Mouth Watering taste to the food. This is less hot and pungent as compared to other red chilly variants.

7. Jwala

This is the most popular red chilli of the west. It is produced in Kheda, Mehsana and various southern parts of Gujarat. It’s highly pungent, light red colored chilli widely used in various cuisines of the state.

8. Dhani

Popularly called the Bird’s Eye Chilli because of its shape, Dhani is widely produced in Mizoram and some areas of Manipur. Though the tiniest, this is a really very spicy, highly pungent and bright red colored chilli which is widely available in markets of Calcutta.

9. Ramnad Mundu or Gundu

This is the fat round chilli produced in fertile regions of Ramnad in Tamil Nadu. Gundu in Tamil means fat and round. Hence the name. This chilly widely preferred to add spiciness and mouth watering flavor to chutneys, sambar and tadkas in Southern India. 

The list does not end here as there are numerous varieties of red chillies produced across India including its North, East, West and South regions. 


Use just one chili pepper type, or mix a variety of chili pepper varieties to create a complex, balanced, flavorful homemade Chili Powder.

5 Essential Steps of Making Red Chilli Powder

India has been historically known as the land of spices and is consistently one of the topmost producers of all kinds of, high-quality spices including Red Chili Powder. Red chili exporters in India are renowned for their quality, the world over and is often the first preference of chefs. 

The Red Chili Powder, which is a staple of every Indian household, has to be carefully cultivated and processed in order to be retailed.

Following are the 5 essential steps of making Red Chili Powder:

1. Sowing

Red chili is the dried ripe fruit of the flowering plants, classified under the genus Capsicum. Red chilies are a subtropical plant which requires a combination of warm, humid and periodic dry weather. In India, they are sown in both the Rabi and Kharif seasons. Red chilies are ideally cultivated in black soil. The pH level of the soil should be between 6.5-7.5. Ground spices manufacturers are very particular about these requirements.

2. Harvesting

Like sowing, Red chilies are harvested during both the Rabi and Kharif seasons. Red chilies are pungent, and the degree of it often determines their taste and heat. The red chili fruit is placed inside a seed rich pod which have to carefully cut, manually in order to not damage the plant.

3. Drying

The next stage after harvesting the chilies is drying. Drying intensifies the flavor of chilies and gives them a longer shelf life as compared to fresh ones. Red chilies require low humidity in the environment for drying with ample amounts of ventilation.

4. Grinding

After the stage of drying, the next  is grinding. Chili exporters in India are relying more and more on technology for grinding, it  was historically a manual process. In this stage most of the adulteration into the spice takes place thereby reducing its quality and taste, 

5. Packaging

Packaging is also an important process of Packaging will ensure long shelf life and preserve the taste and Aroma of Red Chili Powder to the fullest.


Homemade Chili Powder should be stored in an airtight container for up to six months. Store-bought Chili Powder can last up to three years, but the flavor will begin to decline over time. 

One tip- Store your spices in glass bottles or china clay pots, as shelf life is longer than plastic wares.


Following are some test to check if your Red Chilli Powder is adulterated or not.

1. The Water Test

Chilli Powder is mostly adulterated with brick powder, salt powder or talc powder. The simplest way to detect these is to add a teaspoon of Chilli Powder to a glass of plain water. If it is artificially coloured, the water will change its colour. It may turn reddish-brown, due to the presence of brick powder. Pure Red Chilli Powder does not really dissolve in water.

2. Checking for Brick Powder

The most common adulterant for Red Chilli Powder is brick powder because it has a similar texture and colour. To test for brick powder, rub some Chilli Powder at the bottom of a glass. If you feel some kind of grittiness, it could indicate the presence of brick powder or even sand.

3. To Test for Artificial Colour

Red Chilli Powder may be mixed with artificial colours to give it the bright hue. Sprinkle some Chilli Powder over a glass of water. If you notice a coloured streak; your Red Chilli Powder could be adulterated. In most cases, water soluble coal tar colour is added to red chilly powder.


There are many ways through which you can make use of chillies in Indian cuisine.

It all depends on the type of dish you’re making and the type of chillies you’re going to use for the dish.

Here are some of the popular ways to cook chillies:

1. Tempering

  • It’s the most common way to use chillies in Indian cooking. And it’s mostly used to flavor the curries and rice preparations.
  • For tempering, you can use the green as well as red chillies. If you want a more spicy taste to the dish, cut the chillies into half and put them in the tadka.
  • It’s an effective method to increase the spiciness of any vegetable curry or dal.

2. Pickles

  • It’s an old tradition to pickle the vegetables in India, as people could enjoy these veggies in the off-season.
  • The pickled ones taste delicious too!
  • And you can prepare them in the same traditional way.

3. Pastes or Chutneys

  • It is another way of using them in Indian cooking.
  • Make a paste or chutney using green chillies, and it will elevate the flavors of your meal.
  • The red garlic chutney is an absolute must for classic dosa recipes.

4. Stuffed or Bharwan Mirchi

  • This variation goes well as an appetizer for the full-course meals.
  • For the stuffing, you can either use a grated coconut mixture or cheese-paneer mixture or potato mixture.

5. Deep Fried Dry Chillies

These are quite famous in Maharashtra region, as you get to savor them as an accompaniment with traditional dishes.


Healthy roots give you best quality Red Chilli Powder without adulterations by removing the middleman and bring you with purest Red Chilli Powder straight from honest and hardworking farmers. 

If you are a fan of pure red chilli you must definitely try Healthy roots Red Chilli Powder to boost the color, taste of your food as well as your body natural defense system.

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    The product is very good in all respect. Highly satisfied with this red chilli powder.

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    The use of organic red chilli powder is very effective for one’s health. Ideal for cooking.

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    I have ordered a few red chilli powders but Found this brand better over others. This is pure and natural without any harmful preservatives.

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    The quality of this red chilli powder is very good. I am very happy with this product. Good product. I love it. Do try yourself.

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