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Stress VS You- The Effects

Stress VS You- The Effects

Stress can affect all the aspects of a balanced lifestyle taking into account emotions, behaviours, thinking capability, and physical health. Stress can hamper your life at any point of time from looking after your kids, during busy working hours, managing your finances, dealing with relationships and the list goes on. At times, stress is beneficial, but too much stress can make you ill mentally and physically. 

Stress:  Stress differs from person to person. It’s either real or perceived. In frightening situations, a chemical reaction takes place in your body enabling you to prevent any damage through a course of action. This reaction is termed as “the stress response.” when the stress response is involved your heart races expeditiously, muscles tighten, blood pressure manifolds, and you breathe as quickly and forcefully as possible. Our bodies are designed to handle stress in petite doses but unable to manage any long-term or chronic stress occurrences. 

The Stress Response: As mentioned above stress is the ‘battleground.’ The hormones in your body are either ready to confront it or simply take a back seat. If you’re facing this tyranny too often, especially when you’re commuting– then it’s a “chronic stress” and it might affect your overall health. 

The Occurrence: Hormones are chemicals that direct your body to take actions. The presence of adrenal glands prepares the body to confront or run away from the danger. If these are escalated; they will weaken the bones as well as your immune system, disturb the sleeping patterns, and may result in muscle loss. 


  • Stomach Pain: You’ll feel like ‘butterflies’ in your stomach. You might also feel nauseated and your stomach might hurt. This is pretty natural, as your body might feel complete slow digestion or stoppage during the stress response. 
  • Comfort Station Trouble: If stress affects your digestive system frequently; it may lead to diarrhoea or constipation and affects the body’s overall ability to consume nutrients. Stress is also linked to irritable bowel syndrome causing belly pains or cramps. 
  • Acid Reflux or Heartburn

People suffering from long-term stress may start consuming a lot of food and unhealthy food as well. There might be a boost in alcohol intake and they might smoke too often. The resultant is heartburn or acid reflux. If untreated, it may cause ulcers and scar tissue.

  • Headaches Everywhere: Stress causes the muscles of your head, neck, and shoulders to tighten up. Further leading to migraines. Here, relaxation techniques may come to your rescue.
  • Breathing Issues: Stress causes breathing issues. You start breathing faster and forcefully. This in turn leads to life-risking conditions like asthma, or lung disease.
  • Heart Issues: Stress hormones are not good for your heart. They escalate blood pressure which might result into heart attack and stroke. It might further cause inflammation of the blood vessels responsible for supplying blood to your heart muscle. 
  • Diabetes: Stress makes your liver release glucose into your blood. The resultant is diabetes if you’re obese. Mindful stress management help control your blood sugar levels. 

A Healthy Approach 

  • Moderate exercises a day like walking or swimming, can help elevate your mood and restrict stress effects in your body. 
  • Optimistic Bent and Spirit: Stress might act favourful in certain circumstances like meeting stringent deadlines, induce better performance and presentation. Being your friend, not an opponent, stress can be dealt more healthily. Adapting to a healthy diet can eliminate negative effects of stress. 
  • Stress-Busting Diet: Foods can help deal with stress. A nutritious and healthy diet can counter the negative impact of stress by escalating the immune system and lowering blood pressure. Foods that are stress busters:
  • Complex Carbs- whole-grain breads, breakfast cereals, traditional oatmeal. 
  • Oranges- vitamin C curb stress levels thereby strengthening the immune system.
  • Almonds- almonds can help you be more flexible during stress burst or depression.
  • Raw Veggies- Crunchy and satiating vegetable can help ease stress mechanically. 

There’s Always a Way Out!
Stress is everyone’s part of life. How you handle it matters the most. You can anytime consult doctors who can help you manage the stress aptly. The doctor can evaluate the symptoms associated with stress and rule out the condition accordingly. Also, getting back to healthy food products won’t cost you a fortune rather prevent from it. You can switch to Healthy roots cold-pressed Almond Oil which will help you manage your stress as it’s a stress buster. Cold-pressed Oils ensure that all the essential and natural properties and health benefits remain intact. As, “you are what you eat!”

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